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Proud winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2015

Health & Safety

For the Board of Directors at Lakesmere, Health & Safety is one of the core values. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is not an option but a business necessity and aim to create the safest working environments in the industry. Lakesmere’s H&S policy is reviewed annually by the senior Management team and the Group SHEQ Manager. Where appropriate, training is identified and undertaken and regular site inspections are carried out to ensure that all operations are fully compliant.

Lakesmere’s dedicated Group SHEQ Manager (together with the SHEQ team) is responsible for H&S compliance, improvement, development and training. Prior to contract commencement a detailed Project Plan is prepared as a matter of course which includes an in-depth Method Statement, Risk Assessment, Manual Handling Assessment, COSHH Assessment, Quality and Environmental Plan.

In the company’s 21 year history there has been zero fatalities and no major instances recorded in the last 8 years.

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Through rigorous training Lakesmere’s already exemplary H&S records in 2010/11 improved by 50% for incidents and 66% for RIDDOR accidents, resulting in lower insurance premiums. Lakesmere’s Accident Incident Rate has been consistently lower than construction industry averages and our H&S procedures; reports and statistics are open for any interested party to audit. AFR for 2013 = 0.23

Lakesmere has been recognised for its contributions to health and safety through many industry awards including the NFRC Safety In Roofing Award and is determined to maintain its position at the forefront of health and safety within the construction industry.

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