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Market Overview

From the publication of the much-documented Egan Report ‘Rethinking Construction’ to the recent Government initiative to reduce procurement costs by 20% through the standardisation of public building design, off-site construction is playing a vital role in the development of more efficient and sustainable methods of construction.

The numerous benefits of off-site techniques such as speed of construction, lower labour costs, factory-controlled quality, improved Health and safety and reduced waste, are increasingly being utilised across the various sectors. Lakesmere, with our long tradition for innovation, is at the forefront of this off-site revolution.

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Skills & Expertise

For many years Lakesmere has adopted where appropriate, a number of project-specific, pre-assembled off-site unitised modular roofing and walling solutions. As the market’s need for off-site innovations has grown so too has Lakesmere’s offering, which now includes the pioneering Thru-Wall SIPS system and bespoke hybrid solutions developed through joint ventures with steel contractors.

By working closely with both its client base and supply chain, Lakesmere’s dedicated Off-Site team has developed a keen understanding of the off-site market and awareness that the full advantages can only be enjoyed if specified early enough in the design stage. When a brief has to be modified to incorporate off-site solutions, much of the value can be lost and Lakesmere’s commitment to promoting collaborative working practices at the earliest opportunity has led to the successful delivery of numerous contracts to create an impressive back catalogue of projects that exemplify the specialist’s technical expertise in off-site construction methods.

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