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Market Overview

With strong ties to both the education and healthcare sector, the construction of scientific research facilities are hugely important to the UK’s ongoing development and advancement across a number of disciplines. From pioneering new facilities within established university developments to large-scale national projects that represent significant public-sector investment, the external designs and technical requirements of such buildings are often as complex as the work that takes place within them. With the need to consider the visual and environmental impact of such schemes as well as the long-term operational and maintenance costs, the successful delivery of the roofing, cladding and building envelope packages on such groundbreaking schemes requires a collaborative and innovative approach that Lakesmere has become renowned for.

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Skills & Expertise

Having been appointed as the sole building envelope contractor for the Diamond Synchrotron, one of the largest scientific facilities to be built in the UK for over 30 years, the technical skills and partnering techniques that Lakesmere gained have subsequently been successfully applied on a number of other technology projects including the creation of several university medical and scientific research buildings. With experience of undertaking complex installations and a proven track record of bringing added value to a project through early and close collaboration with other members of the team, Lakesmere’s technical expertise has been put to good use in the creation of some of the country’s most technically advanced scientific projects. Lakesmere has also put its extensive technical skills to good use in the creation of several new data centres, the construction of which has helped the specialist contractor to develop a keen understanding of the requirements of the ever-evolving Information Technology market.

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